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# ESP32 based Dimmer for 4x RGBW LED strips (12/24Volts)
![Rendered Preview](export/Dimmer.png)
## Features
* ESP32-WROOM based controller
* Micropython firmware, *Home assistant* compatible with autodetect
* 4x RGBW dimmer channels, 12 Bit PWM resolution
* 12V or 24V operating voltage
* Header to add a BME280 module for Temperature, Pressure + Humidity measurements
* Two status LEDs
* Two user Buttons
## Quickstart
* Install micropython
* Use rshell to connect to the board and copy files
* `pip3 install rshell`
* `rshell -p /dev/ttyUSB0`
* `> cp *.py /pyboard`
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